Sönke Kirchhof

Curriculum Vitae

Sönke Kirchhof is the founder and CEO of "reallifefilm international" GmbH, based in Berlin and Hamburg, Germany. Since 2006 he works as a producer, stereographer and consultant for international projects. He has studied political science at the University of Hamburg and film production at Babelsberg Film University. Kirchhof and his company are highly specialized in immersive filmmaking - from stereoscopic 3D to 360° projection, from development to distribution.

Research and development of technologies and analysis of creative approaches belongs to his expertise as well as giving lectures and workshops to broad audiences, both to students to industry professionals.

Sönke Kirchhof is involved in all kinds of projects and genres. From live broadcast to feature films and documentaries from USA, Asian and European market. Partners and clients of "reallifefilm international" GmbH belong to research and development institutions (e.g. Fraunhofer / Heinrich Hertz Institute, 3D Innovation Center) and industry leading companies (e.g. Walt Disney Studios, 3NET, ARRI, Hua Wei).