Charles Wang

Curriculum Vitae

Charles Wang, Deputy Director of Research and Information Management Department of, Associate Professor of Film and TV Technology Department, Bejing Film Academy. Wang entered the film and TV industry in 1997 as a 3D animation TD in a post production company held by Beijing Film Academy ( after graduating from Tsinghua University (
From 1997 to 1999, the works he had done included 3D technical directing, motion capture operating, system administration, compositing and editing. During that time, he gathered rich experiences in digital film and TV post production. From 1999 to 2002, he became a graduate of Beijing Film Academy focusing on modern film and TV technology and in the meantime became a part time network administrator of BFA's NIC. In 2002 he got his master degree and became a teacher in Film and TV Technology Department of BFA ( From then on, he has been engaging in digital film technology teaching and R&D. He teaches several courses of digital film technology, and has been directing and participating in many R&D projects which bring him many achievements and more experiences in film and TV technology. At the same time, he devotes into the film and TV production industry and training.