Frederic Fol Leymarie

Curriculum Vitae

Frederic Fol Leymarie, a professor of Computing, is the co-director and co-founder (in 2008) of the post-graduate program in Computer Games and Entertainment at Goldsmiths, University of London. On the research front, Frederic is developing a mathematical language for shape representation with potential for applications in various domains and industries, from the Arts and Performance areas to Biology, Medicine, Computer Aided Design (CAD), Architecture, and more. He is the co-founder of London Geometry (in 2011), a leading consultancy, providing professional training for the games industry and developing serious games solutions. 
Frederic did his studies in the realm of A.I. first at McGill University, Canada (at the Center for Intelligent Machines) and then at Brown University, USA (in the Engineering Division), where he was co-founder of the SHAPE Lab (in 2000). He was the PI on the AIkon project (robot portrait drawer having international impact off and He is the PI on the AutoGraff project (follow-up to AIkon focused on graffiti and more advanced humanoid robotics: He is the PI for Goldsmiths of the BioBlox project (jointly with Imperial College) focused on developing an online 
game based 3D protein docking (a 3D tetris-like scientifically-based game):