Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality 

We are used to composing shots by simply aligning objects and subjects, but VR offers the possibility to frame everything. VR will be a delightful departure which provides space for the unexpected and the accidental. 

For the first time in a while, professional filmmakers and enthusiasts will be on a level playing field and everything will be up for grabs. New directors will emerge out of obscurity and for experimentation, to be the name of the game, as creators attempting to develop a new visual language for a medium without conventions. We will explore what it means to lose control of the frame. 

Virtual network worlds might become part of human life, similar to our dreams, which are a nightly routine, somehow separated from our daily lives, obeying to different physical rules with unknown consequences. 

After surveying and exploring the outer or material world, we reach the state of surveying and exploring the Self. The topography of the brain, the anatomical and functional connectome of the various subsystems is being discovered, the neurological correlates of thinking processes and emotional states are on the way of being decrypted. Self-improvement and self-design through antropo-techniques like yoga, meditation and physical work-out, also involving the aid of supplements, pharmaceuticals, operations and electromagnetic brain-stimulation and VR might become normal and will stimulate not only growth but also vertical tensions and stress on ourselves and others.



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