Rethinking Future


New technologies and emerging markets will change the environment, sustainable and economic development, social life and exclusion, food, housing, leisure and consumption. Not only natural green energy and modern storage techniques will massively change our forms of mobility, but also the third industrial revolution in conjunction with the help of computer-controlled devices, will radically transform the economy mainly the production and distribution. 

Grids and ambient intelligence – most of which we will be unaware of – will improve our lives and efficiency, but bear the peril of serving as tools for totalitarian control and dictatorship.

Artificial Intelligence will increase daily to an extent that AI will make own decisions and not only serve the desires of individual humans but developing its own agenda. We might once see a new Bio-Logic of machines.

Supercomputers can simulate various outcomes of future crises. Future Design though takes a new approach to problem solving. Future Design will not simply extrapolate probabilities: it will imagine and simulate a possible and desirable future as starting point and than regress from this point backwards in time to the present in order to find paths we can follow to arrive at desirable futures. We will create visions of the world we would like to live in and resolve the antagonism between nature and technology.

Future Design could become a virtual road map to abundance and sustainability and an approach to creativity and management of future development in the environment of the present high uncertainty and disorientation of major parts of the European population.

“The future has already begun.”



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