Future Design

Future Design - Artistic Visions for Europe and BEYOND

Future Design is an interdisciplinary and highly intercultural project based on mobility-led research, artistic and cultural creation. It focuses on the encouragement of peoples’ creativity and free expression throughout the use of the latest and upcoming technologies and higher participation of the audience: Changing the roles from consumer to “Maker” or “Prosumer”.

Stereoscopic and autostereoscopic technologies, three-dimensional mobile devices, 3D Laser, Laser-scanner, Virtual Reality, Augmented reality devices and technologies, Html5 web techniques: new interfaces and applications invented by developers and artists will bring a third dimension into creativity, representation and expression, creating new business models in the cultural and creative industry.

We want to provoke a discussion about the unseen contact-points between the different technologies and creative strategies, which are already building the future design of our lives, too. Future Design will build an alliance, employing the artistic perspectives and sensitivity that lead to answers for a responsible future with technologies. Therefore, we want to create an interconnection between citizens, professionals in the art/tech development area, organizations, projects and technologies, which will altogether build up the Future Design framework.


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